David Demaree

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“I work with and for developers who are used to developing server-side components. It drives me bananas when I mention something off-hand about iOS development and they look at me like I’m crazy. Or if I give out an estimate they think is ridiculous, I have to justify the time I will need to spend on such-and-such a feature.”

Developing for iOS in a Server-Centric World (via Justin Miller and Buzz Andersen)

This sort of thing crosses my mind when I read about the ongoing fight over design patterns and object oriented crap currently being waged in the Ruby community—web developers, perhaps especially Rubyists, often just don’t know how good we have it. Lots of developers have to spend a day doing simple things because their platform doesn’t give them a faster way to do them. Our platforms (Ruby, or more generally the Web) give us something like five faster ways, and consequently we spend the time that would have gone toward grunt work arguing over which of those five ways is the most correct one.

Similarly, we’re so used to the ability to do amazing things quickly that a verbose language/platform like Cocoa just looks wrong, like because we don’t need to write seven lines of code to render a button, it’s strange and stupid for anyone to have to, which is simply not the case. I always enjoy spending time in Objective-C because it reminds me that code can look different, and non-minimal, and yet still be good code.